3 Ways a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Investor Differ

If you’re thinking about selling your property, you will likely need professionals to help you. These professionals might be real estate agents, while others might be real estate investors. Below are three ways real estate agents and investors differ in their approach to help you sell your house. Learning the differences will help you understand which one is best to help sell your home fast in Colorado Springs, Co!

Are you thinking about selling your house? Or, unfortunately, maybe you are in a difficult situation beyond your control such as foreclosure, too many repairs, going through a divorce where you need to sell your home now. You may have already been approached by many people with offers to help you sell your house fast. You probably have been contacted by real estate agents and real estate investors. Depending on your circumstances, each can help you in different ways. Here are three main differences between real estate agents and investors in Colorado Springs.

One Will List Your Property And One Will Purchase it

One of the main differences between a real estate agent and an investor is that one will list your property, and the other will purchase it. A real estate agent will list your property on the Multiple Listing Service or a similar platform to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

An investor, on the other hand, will not list your property. Instead, investors like Sell My House to Smith are cash buyers and will buy your property from you. If you need to sell your home fast for whatever reason, click here and enter your information to find out how we might help. The process is easy and stress-free, and you will receive a fair offer for your property.

Time to Sell

A real estate agent will have an uncertain and often long timeline. The agent will need to locate a buyer first before they can sell your home. The time could be anywhere from 2-12 months before they find a prospective buyer. This long delay can be frustrating for homeowners who need to sell their property fast!

The real estate investor will give you an exact date when they can purchase your home, typically within a week. The sale of your property can occur as quickly as your circumstances require.

The Commission Fees

A real estate agent makes money when they find a buyer to purchase your property. You will be responsible for paying the agent a commission fee. Their fee is typically 6% of the sale price when the deal is complete.

You do not have to pay an investor any commission, because they don’t have to list your property. Instead, investors will be purchasing your property. Investors can make money by either flipping your property or renting the property to tenants.

These are just a few of the main differences between a real estate agent and an investor and how they can help a homeowner sell their property. If you need to sell your Colorado Springs home fast and don’t want to wait or pay a hefty commission, selling your home to an investor might be your best option.

Are you looking for a way out of a situation that involves a house you own in Colorado Springs, CO? If so, we can help you. We will provide a fair offer for your property, and we will always treat people with respect. Check out our FAQs, reviews, and connect with us online or Call Us at 719-629-7740 today!

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