Three Ways I Can Buy Your House Fast

Three Ways I can Buy Your Colorado Springs House Fast

     As a Real Estate investor, my main job is really solving problems. All day long I talk to people going through different situations in their life and my job it to figure out the best way to help them. While I’m happy to explain everything in detail and let you know what I think would work best, no one knows your situation better than you. And since you know best, I like to provide sellers at least three options on how I can buy your house fast. That way if you don’t like one option, there are others to choose from. If you think any of the below would work for your situation, fill out your information at and I’ll see how I can best help you.

Three Ways I Can Buy Your House FastI can Buy Your House Fast!


Option 1: Full Cash Offer

     This option is by far the most popular way I can buy your house fast. Usually home owners just want to be done with their property and have all their money right away. They don’t want to have to fix anything up or deal with collecting payments over time and are willing to take less money to make that happen. Cash offers are very clean and have a lot of benefits for the seller, but because it requires the most cash up front from my investors, it means it is the lowest amount we are able to offer. On full cash offers we are usually only able to offer a maximum of 70% of the full retail price of the home, depending on the condition of the house.


Option 2: Seller Carry Back of the Entire Purchase Amount

     This is another popular option when you want me to buy your house fast, but either want to sell for a higher price or don’t have the equity in your home to accept a full cash offer. Depending on the condition of the property and the length of time you are able to receive payments over, I can purchase your house at very close to the full market value. This is a great option for sellers who do not need to receive their money right away as it allows me to pay top dollar for the property. I also work very hard to minimize any possible risk to you receiving your money and to protect your property by fully screening any potential buyers and requiring a sizable down payment. This ensures that the new buyers have skin in the game and will treat the property well. This option is also favored by sellers with not so perfect credit, as by me making your payments over time it increases your credit score.


Option 3: Part Cash Offer & Part Seller Carry Back

     This option is a mix of the first two options in that it allows me to pay some cash up front, with the remainder paid over time. Because it’s a mix of the first two options, the purchase price also falls somewhere in the middle, with the actual amount dependent on the amount needed right away and the length of the terms on the remaining balance. This is a great option for someone who wants to receive more money that a straight cash offer, but needs some of the money right away.


    There’s May Ways I Can Buy Your House

As you can see, there are many ways I can purchase your Colorado Springs, Fountain, Falcon, Woodland Park, or Pueblo house very quickly; with the offer depending on when you need to receive your money. These are just a few of the ways I’ve purchased homes from homes very quickly and very much look forward to helping you as well.

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