Choosing a We Buy Houses Company

This post is a bit more personal than my usual articles designed to help you with selling a house, but sometimes I like to use this forum as a way of sharing a bit of the softer side of operating a We Buy House home buying business. I hope you get some value out of this and would welcome any feedback you’d care to share on this topic.
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Choosing a We Buy Houses Company

I had an experience yesterday that was new to me and somewhat unpleasant. A home owner decided to sell their house to another company because they were one of the big national brands and they felt they could trust their name more than a local company they didn’t know anything about.
Now first off I take full responsibility for not taking more time to build a relationship with this person so we could better understand who each other were and how we could create the best solution together. Selling a house is a huge event in people’s lives, and just because I buy and sell dozens of houses a year, doesn’t give me an excuse to not make every home owner feel as comfortable with the sale as I am.
That said, I am pretty disappointed that someone would pick a national big box We Buy Houses brand over a locally owned one that can provide that personal touch. I should’t be surprised with this. There’s a reason that McDonald’s sells billions of hamburgers a year and local diners only sell a small fraction of that. My thought is who in their right mind would pick pick fast food over Colorado’s Bingo Burger?!?
But I get it. People are in a hurry and they don’t want to take the time to think about what is best. They’ll accept consistently average over risking a bad experience for the chance at something great.
I pride myself on providing a great customer experience. I jump through hoops, bend over backwards, and personally go out of my way to do whatever it takes to provide the best home selling experience people have ever had. Why do I do this? Well primarily because I love what I do, but ultimately it’s because I have to. I’m not out there paying top dollar for every house I buy. If a seller wants to squeeze every penny out of their house, they could pay thousands of dollars in repairs, clean it till it shines, list it with a realtor, deal with last minute showings, negotiations, inspections, seller concessions, contracts falling out, etc. And then at the end of that long process they would give themselves the best chance to make the most money selling their house.
The alternative for a seller is to forgo some of that profit they might make on their home, and sell to me without having to do any of that. If I didn’t love being so creative about adding value in so many ways, sellers would just sell the normal way.
I know I got off on a bit of a tangent there, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts on a part of my day that didn’t go so well. As a favor to me, the next time you driving around looking for something to eat, pick some place you’ve never been before. You might be pleasantly surprised;)
P.S. If you’d like to also find out some of the benefits of selling to a local Colorado Springs home buyer, feel free to give me a ring at 719-629-7740, or submit your property on my Sell A House page.

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