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Sometimes even I’m amazed at the things we at Sell My House to Smith do for our Colorado home sellers. Often a team member will share a way they helped a home seller, saying it like it was no big deal and a normal thing. While they are right that it is normal for us now, I know the lengths we go for our home sellers are far from normal at most companies.

Excellence is the Standard

This got me thinking about how and why this is the norm here. Then today I saw this chart about the difference between talented team members and non-talented team members. While I don’t think talented is the right word, as many people don’t use the talent God gave them, this list helped me understand the difference between exceptional team members and non-exceptional team members. I can honestly say that every single person on our Colorado home buying team at Sell My House to Smith falls on the exceptional side of the list for every category. They push me every day to get better, which of course in turn helps us serve our customers better. I’m so proud of everyone I work with and can’t thank them enough for being the type of people that care enough about our home sellers to do their very best.

Talented Home Buyers

Are you surrounded by people on the “talented team member” side of this chart? Which side of the chart would your coworkers say you fall on? I can tell you the more you make yourself the type of person on the talented side, the less you’ll put up with working with people on the non-talented side. Hope this inspired you to do your best to be an inspiration to others.

Home Buyers

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