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     So you’ve read some of my other articles and decided that selling your house to one of the We Buy Houses Colorado Springs buyers is a good option for selling your house fast. I’m going to assume you already know about some the benefits of a cash offer such as not having to negotiate, being able to get your cash fast, and not having to do anything to your house, as well as the disadvantage of probably not getting as much for your house compared to listing with a Realtor. So now that you’ve made your decision, how do you know which We Buy Houses buyer is your best option? Should you just call the number from the first billboard you see on the side of the road and take whatever they offer, or possibly call every cash buyer on the first page of Google and have every one come out to your house? The correct answer lies somewhere in the middle of these two options.

To be able to answer exactly which We Buy Houses buyer you should pick, you need to determine the most important factor of how much time you have, and then think about all the other things you may want out of the sale. The more time you have, the greater your ability to have different cash buyers make offers on your property. Conversely if you need to sell your house in the next week or two, you may only have time to work with one or two cash buyers.

Let’s assume you need to sell your house within 30 days and you have three letters from We Buy Houses buyers sitting on your table. You’re ready to call them all, but besides picking the one with the highest offer price, you don’t know how else to differentiate between them all. Price may seem like a good factor to decide on, but you already know you have to sell your house in the next 30 days, so you already have at least one other factor that may be more important than price. You really have to know what is most important to you and make those needs clear to the potential cash buyers. Then pick the buyer that best meets those needs and can guarantee that they can fulfill what they promise.

I realize that sometimes it’s hard to know all the possible factors that can go into selling your house, so here’s a few examples to consider if any of these are important to you. Depending on how important or not-important these factors are will determine your ability to negotiate a higher sale price.

How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your House

    1. 1. Getting all cash at closing – You will definitely receive a higher offer if you have the ability to

receive the money for your house over time

    1. . Selling on terms is a great option for sellers that may not have much equity in their property.
    1. 2. Settling very quickly or on a specific date – Buyers will pay more if are flexible on when you need to have your house sold by.
    1. 3. Selling Your House As-Is – One of the greatest

benefits of a cash buyer

    1. is not having to do anything to your house. The cleaner and the better condition your property, the more money you may receive.


    4. What’s important to you? – There are a million things that may be important to a million different sellers. Knowing what matters to you and asking for that is the only way a We Buy Houses cash buyer will know to give you whatever that is. Do you need help to move all your stuff, or maybe you really want to keep the weather vane on the roof or the concrete block out back with your grandkids handprints, do you need help finding an affordable place to rent, or possibly there’s a creditor you’d like called on your behalf. Cash buyers are happy to help you with all of these things and more if you just make it clear what you need out of the sale.

So now that you have a list of things that are important to you when you sell, how do you know which We Buy Houses buyer will actually fulfill what they promise. Unfortunately this is much harder to answer, and while I can give you a few tips, in the end it comes down to whether or not you feel you can trust the person you’re working with. Since only you know deep down whom you can trust, here’s a list of other things to look for when selecting a cash buyer.

Things to Look for in a We Buy Houses Colorado Springs Buyer

    1. 1. Track Record – Nothing says, “I will do what I say I will do” better than someone who has actually done it before. Ask the cash buyer for references from other people they have bought homes from. If they are not able to provide phone numbers, they should at least have written testimonials from happy customers.
    1. 2. Knowledge about the

We Buy Houses business

    1. – How well is the cash buyer able to answer your questions and how well versed are they on the process of buying your house? Does the seller’s website have detailed information about their process and helpful articles to make you an informed seller, or is it just have a few paragraphs about how great they are and a place for you to submit your information?
    1. 3. How responsive are they – When you call the We Buy Houses buyer do they either answer the phone or at least call you back the same day? If you have to wait several days to talk to a real person, then they are probably not going to be very responsive during the selling process.
    1. 4. Official Accreditations – While rare in the We Buy Houses business, some cash buyers go through the extra effort of getting accredited through associations such as the Better Business Bureau. If you see any official accreditations on a website, look then up through the accrediting agency to confirm they are valid. If the accreditation checks out, that is an excellent sign you have a trustworthy cash buyer.
    5. Not Being Strong-armed – Only you know how urgently you need to sell your house. If you truly do need to sell now, then you probably should accept the first or second offer from a cash buyer. But even if you do need to sell right away, you shouldn’t feel pressured into making that decision. Selling a house is a major decision and time permitting you should be allowed to think about that decision and not be forced into signing a contract five minutes after meeting someone. This factor is a little more subjective that the others, but still something to keep in mind when something doesn’t feel quite right.

Depending on who you work with, selling your home to a cash buyer can be a wonderful and liberating experience, or it can be a nightmare that leaves you feeling cheated. I hope the information above helps you choose one of the good We Buy House Colorado Springs Buyers who can truly and honestly purchase your home fast. If you’re interested in getting a cash offer for your home or just want to ask me some questions, submit your information at and I’ll get back with you ASAP.

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