Is It Possible To Sell Your Pueblo House For Cash?

“Sell your Pueblo house for cash!”

“We’ll buy your house for cash, fast!”

You’ve probably seen similar signs on the internet, in newspapers and telephone posts, and if you’re trying to sell your Pueblo house, you might have considered trying these offers. While these advertisements may be worded differently, they all have the same message: they promise to buy your home in a short span of time.

The promise of a quick sale (for just about anything, not just houses) can be very appealing. However, this does not mean it should not be met with speculation.


Can you really sell your Pueblo house quickly, and should it be an option worth taking?

The truth about selling your home

In many ways, selling one’s home has become a complicated process. Nowadays, you simply just can’t take photos, load it all online and expect to have buyers call you right away. You need to deal with a lot of things – repairs, updates, take professional photographs and stage their homes for viewing, among other things.

Closing the sale isn’t that quick either. In a fast market, and when all your factors are in place (i.e. your house’s condition is spotless, there are no issues with the property), the average time it takes for a Pueblo house to sell would be around 90 to 180 days. In a slow market, it can take as long as nine months. And we’re just talking about averages.

Why selling your Pueblo house for cash is appealing

Quick house sale companies offer to sell your house for cash fast by buying your house directly. They pay cash for your property and can buy it as-is, and usually buy at a discounted rate.

Given the amount of work and time it takes to sell a house, companies that promise to buy houses for cash quickly can be a real advantage for people who do not have time to wait, or do not have extra money at hand to spend for repairs.

Pros and cons when you sell your house for cash

Just like any scenario, quick sales have their own pros and cons. Quick house sales, as mentioned above, can be useful for Pueblo homeowners who need to sell their house quickly. These can include individuals who need to clear debt or avoid foreclosure, quickly dispose of inherited property, relocate as soon as possible due to work reasons, or simply try a different route after unsuccessfully selling through a traditional agent.

Now of course there can be some disadvantages. Because we buy houses companies buy your house and as-is and pay cash, they usually also require a discount.  This means you may end up with less money than you would have received if you went the traditional route of fixing the house yourself and listing it with an agent.

Also, there is the risk dealing with unscrupulous companies that agree to buy the house at a certain price, and after you have signed with them, make you pay hidden costs at the very last minute.  There can also be shady deals – like undisclosed fee structures not actually being able to purchase your house as they could.

Should you sell your Pueblo house for cash?

To answer this question, you have to go back to the reason as to why you are selling, and what your priorities are.

Do you need to sell your Pueblo house for cash as soon as possible or can you fix it up and wait for another few months or more?  Have you tried other alternatives to a quick house sale?  If you’re at the risk of losing your home to missed mortgage payments, have you tried talking to your mortgage company first?

If you’ve covered some of these questions and considered other alternatives, yet still decide on selling through a quick house sale company, here are some things you have to keep in mind:

  • Get your own valuation. Have your Pueblo house valuated by at least three different agents, so you have an earmark as to whether the offer made by a sell your house for cash company is fair.
  • Shop around, because not all quick sale companies are the same. There are fly-by-night companies that are only out to milk as much cash as they can from you, just as there are legitimate companies with fair offers.
  • Do your research. Check the company’s credentials and check out other sales they have made.
  • Negotiate. Just because they’re buying your house for cash doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate on the price or the terms. The same goes with making the final decision – you shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured to take their offer.
  • Get your own legal adviser, make sure you get everything in writing and make sure that you only sign to an agreement that you have fully understood. Of course, only commit and sign when the surveys and legal checks are done, and when the final offer is in writing.

So, as a final point – you can sell your Pueblo house for cash, and for many people the process works out very well.  What’s important is you do all your research ahead of time, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company and protect yourself at all stages so you can get the best deal as quickly as possible.

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