Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A House In Pueblo Colorado

Are you trying to sell your Pueblo, Colorado house fast and get top dollar for your house? Selling your home isn’t easy under any circumstances. If you list your home for a significant amount of time without getting any offers, you’re most likely doing something wrong. Make any one of the following mistakes, and your Pueblo, Colorado home probably won’t sell anytime soon.


Your Home Lacks Curb Appeal

Experts might disagree on precisely just how much your landscaping increases the value of your home. They do agree that curb appeal is very significant to prospective buyers. Selling a home with shaggy shrubbery or a neglected lawn means you’ll be leaving cash on the table. At the bare minimum, get rid of all weeds and keep the yard manicured and watered. Prune the trees, if possible, as necessary.


You Have a Pet Odor Problem.

The smell of your home is one of the first impressions that potential homebuyers will experience as they enter the house. Bad pet smells turn off potential buyers fast. Because a majority of homeowners have pets, pet odors are becoming more and more of an issue. If you believe your home has a significant pet odor problem, you may want to consider deep cleaning or even replacing the carpets before putting your home on the market. Additionally, you may want to consider baking some cookies prior to your home showing as the smell can add a nice and personnel touch.


Your Décor is Inappropriate.

Among the most typical seller mistakes is leaving too many personal valuables in plain sight. You must take the time to depersonalize your home before putting it on the market. Potential buyers do not desire to be reminded of the current occupant (you) when they tour your home. They want to envision themselves residing in this home, which is not easy when your personal items are everywhere.

The solution is all about proper staging. Remove any overly personal products such as photos or family treasures. Remove used or old furniture. Stage each room to look basic, neutral, and as inviting as possible.


Your Interior Is Outdated

Even if your home doesn’t have shag carpets and wood paneling, the interior still may be dated by modern-day standards.

Bathrooms and kitchen areas are the most common culprits. However, renovating those locations can be pricey. Still, you can enhance the appearance of your interior with quick repairs. You will want to consider new light fixtures, faucet fixtures, light switch and electrical outlet covers. And, paint is always going to freshen up the interior of your house.


You’re Selling your House Yourself.

Putting up a “For Sale by Owner” sign might be hurting your chances of selling your home. While it is true that you may save a substantial amount of money (the typical selling agent’s commission is $10,000-$ 20,000), you’re likewise making it much harder to sell your house.

Your property won’t be on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), where real estate agents look for properties for sale. Even worse, most agents will not show your home to their clients, since they know they won’t receive a commission on the sale.

Overall, there’s no sure-fire method to guarantee your home will sell quickly. Correctly staging your home, upgrade your interior, taking care of pet odor damage, and enhancing your curb appeal will help your chances to sell.

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