Old Colorado City and the West Side

Old Colorado City is a Whole Other World

      There are so many neighborhoods in Colorado Springs that have lots of charm, but in my opinion none hold the charm and small town feel of The West Side, and specifically Old Colorado City. When you cross I25, it’s almost like leaving the city and going to a completely different town. The pace is slower, the traffic is lighter (except on 24), the parks are more plentiful, and the houses have more of an old school charm.

One of the biggest differences between The West Side and the rest of Colorado Springs is that there is only so much of it. Just look at the east side of The Springs and you’ll see what I mean about the pretty much limitless room to grow and build houses. A prime example of this is the thousands of new homes springing up in Banning Lewis RanchThe West Side on the other hand has one huge obstacle which pretty much locks in the amount of space available. Pike’s Peak is 14,114 feet of mountain pretty much puts a stop to anymore westward expansion, so if you want to live on the west side you have to either buy an existing home, or develop one of the few remaining lots available. The problem with these lots is that there are usually expensive and difficult to build on. Which leads me to my next topic of why as a house buyer, I love The West Side.


Why I love The West Side of Colorado Springs

to work on houses. Well technically they are right, but that’s exactly what I love about The West Side. All of the things that make buying houses there a challenge, are also what make it a great place to buy. Sure it’s hard to find something at a price worth buying. Sure there are tons of headaches in fixing old houses and dealing with shifting and leaking foundations. But………when I’m finally done all the work and have a house ready to sell, it literally sells itself. People love living on The West Side, and are willing to pay higher prices to do so. And as someone who buys, remodels, and sells properties, there’s nothing better than knowing you’ll be able to Areas of West Colorado Springs


Northwest Colorado Springs

     So you’re thinking about buying a house on The West Side of Colorado Springs and you’re trying to figure out which area is right for you. There are all sorts of ways of breaking down the neighborhoods, but to keep things simple I’m going to stick to the three main areas. Starting from the top is the North West part of Colorado Springs. Otherwise know as the Rockrimmon area. This area has some of the newest houses on The West Side, with most neighborhoods established back in the 70’s. It’s a fairly hilly area, with lots of middle and upper-middle class houses. It also has several great parks, with the Ute Valley being the biggest, and in my opinion the best. Finally the Air Force Academy is located directly north of this area, which definitely raises home prices as well as the amenities available. To be honest, this is the area of The West Side I know least well, but from everything I’ve seen it is very nice and clean.


Old Colorado City

to the area of The West Side I love the most; Old Colorado City. There are a few large expensive house here, but this is primarily the blue collar part of The West Side, with lots of tiny lots and tiny houses. That said, it’s a great place to live, with tight knit communities and lots of things to eat, see, and do, within walking distance of most places. I never get tired of just walking up and down the main street in Old Colorado City, looking in shops, eating at great small restaurants, and seeing all the interesting people who live and work in the area. Probably the biggest draw of this area is the Garden of the Gods park. The rock formations here are absolutely breathtaking, with many great trails to see them from every angle. Even if you don’t end up living near Old Colorado City or Garden of the Gods, you’ll still end up spending lots of time here and it’s a place you will bring definitely bring all your out-of-town guests.


Southwest Colorado Springs

top on our trip through The West Side is southwest Colorado springs, otherwise known as the Broadmoor area. If you’re looking for old and upscale, this is the place for you. Sure not every house is a mansion, but there are enough of them around to make you think they all are. The foundation of this area is The Broadmoor Hotel. It was opened in 1918, and its luxury accommodations, dining, and golfing have drawn the wealthy from all around ever since. While there are some modest homes that can be purchased in the $300,000 range, it’s not unusual to see list prices of over $1,000,000. Just do a search and look for million dollar homes and you’ll see what I mean. And if all that isn’t enough high society for you, the Country Club of Colorado provides even more affluence. All in all this is a beautiful area to live if you can afford it, and it has the best Christmas Decorations of anywhere in town.


Pike’s Peak & The Front Range

     While it’s pretty much impossible to go anywhere in Colorado Springs without being able to see Pike’s Peak and The Front Range, being on The West Side brings the mountains to a much more up close and personal distance. It catches me off guard every time I’m driving on The West Side and I come around a corner and am faced with these majestic mountains. They are so close that you see every detail, without any of the haze you get when looking from further east. The mountains dictate so much more of everyday life on The West Side. They impact the weather, the outdoor activities, the time the sun goes down, and generally the type of people that choose to live there. And best of all, they are ready and waiting just moments away anytime you want to escape the city for some fresh air.


The West Side is the Place to Be

     So as you can probably tell I’m kind of fond of The West Side of Colorado Springs. I love the city as a whole for many reasons, but once you get west of I25, everything gets even better. If you’re looking to to-we-buy-houses/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>buy or sell a home on The West Side of Colorado Springs, or just want to have a conversation about the best places to eat or things to do, please feel free to give me a call at 719-629-7740 or submit your information at to SmithColorado Springs is a great city, and I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned, and hopefully get some good ideas from you as well.

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