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Hello, you have reached 'Sell My House To Smith' – Colorado Springs' premier cash-for-homes agency! We know life can be difficult, and holding on to a home or a rental property that has become a mental and/or financial burden is an added load to bear. This is where Sell My House To Smith can become your ally!

Selling homes and rental properties, quickly, for instant cash is nothing new. This home-selling solution has existed for decades, and an on-going demand for this option remains. As a highly-regarded cash-for-homes agency, we purchase houses and rental properties in more than two dozen Colorado communities. Our integrity is recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Our Top Rating with the BBB

Through ethical business practices, professionalism, and plenty of hard work, we remain very proud of having earned the BBB's top ranking. That caliber of recognition is important to us and it's important to you! An A+ rating reflects the BBB's confidence in our business's principles, transparency, and history of customer satisfaction. Guarding our top-tier position remains a top priority as we continue to serve property owners of Colorado Springs and help them take a new step in a positive direction.

BBB rating

The Sell-My-House Process – Easy as 1-2-3!

Your time is valuable and we know your circumstances may be urgent. Take a deep breath because those circumstances can change, for the better, in three easy steps:

Fill out the form on our website

Fill out the form on our website

answer only 4 simple questions!

We will reach out to you

We will reach out
to you

to discuss your situation and view the property.

Collect Your Money

We will make a
cash offer

you, then, decide what is in your best interest!

Once a client accepts our cash offer, closing the transaction can take place quickly.  Depending on our clients' schedules, it could be several days, several weeks, or several months.  Sell My House To Smith will work around your schedule!  After it's all said and done, our Colorado Springs' patrons can expect a cash offer, within 24 hours!

Reasons Why Property Owners
Contact Us

Once property owners in Colorado Springs make a choice to rid themselves of their burdensome real-estate, they make a second choice – they contact Sell My House To Smith. They want the process of walking away from their property and putting money in their pockets to be carried out as quickly, as possible – this is the beauty of it all!

Clients in Colorado Springs contact us for a variety of reasons – properties may be involved in 1) possible foreclosure 2) a divorce 3) back taxes 4) problem renters or difficult/disruptive neighbors 5) a depressed market 6) an unwanted inheritance 7) not being sellable due to mold, termites, flood damage, a crime scene, structural issues, etc – the list could be a long one!

Don't be concerned if you think your property or its location are 'too messed up' to warrant our services. Sell My House To Smith buys homes in any condition, any size, for any legitimate reason, at any price, at any time! The bottom line is this: we can help you liquidate your problematic property and bring your frustration, concerns, or misery to an end.

Reasons Why Property Owners Contact Us

Hear from These Extremely Satisfied Home Sellers.

Advantages of Partnering With Us

Our patrons benefit in a number of ways when they partner with Sell My House To Smith.  Here are, only, four:

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

Let's say your home has been severely damaged by backed-up sewage. The cost to repair the damage could be $10,000 or more just for water-damage restoration costs, alone. Or, if the integrity of your house has been compromised due to flooding, fire, neglect, a termite/rodent invasion, a mold issue, or if your neighbors are impossible to deal with, then: Goodbye house = Goodbye problems!

2. The Sell-My-House Process is Simple & Efficient

It's time to be free from the headaches and sleepless nights associated with problematic property. Getting rid of a house isn't always easy. If you choose the 'For Sale By Owner' option, attempting to sell it can take many months with, perhaps, no results at all. The National Association of Realtors states that only 10% of FSBO homes actually sell!

The FSBO option includes complicated, legal documents that can be difficult or impossible to understand and result in legal jeopardy if the seller were to make an error. When Sell My House To Smith is on your side, peace-of-mind is on your side, as well – you can move out and move on, within days!

2. The Sell-My-House-Fast Process is Simple & Efficient
3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

When homes are listed on the market, home owners are under immense pressure to ensure the home is in pristine condition. Hundreds – even thousands – of dollars are expended to garner the highest appraisal or the highest offer. Many home improvements have a low Return On Investment, and renovations will not guarantee the home owners will receive their top asking price.

Also, the average 6% commission for real-estate agents/Realtors is an added loss for sellers. Then, there are other closing costs for sellers in traditional transactions that include fees and taxes that can tally up to 4% of the sale.

With Sell My House To Smith, our Colorado Springs clients can bypass all that hoopla. At Sell My House To Smith, there are no closing costs – no commission to pay – no expensive repairs – no time-consuming renovations. 'Quick & easy' is the name of the sell-my-house game!

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Sell My House To Smith works hand-in-glove with local title company professionals who assist with each sell-my-house transaction. Their niche expertise ensures every title detail is thoroughly researched, evaluated and assessed to ensure a positive buyer/seller experience.

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

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Sell My House To Smith is ready to discuss your property situation. You have questions and we have the answers! Sell My House To Smith is just a phone call away.Contact our team at 719-629-7740, right now! Are you looking for investment properties? Give Sell My House To Smith a call! Visit us at for more information.

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