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Hello, we are 'Sell My House To Smith' – Colorado Springs' A+ rated cash-for-homes agency! We are excited because we think we could become the best part of your day! We say that with confidence since we offer a home-buying solution that has been around for decades: selling houses for cash which allows problematic property to, finally, become a distant memory.

If you are finding yourself embedded in a life challenge such as a divorce, a possible foreclosure, dealing with unruly neighbors, or if the integrity of your house has become a health or safety concern, Sell My House to Smith could be the light at the end of the tunnel!

We serve Colorado Springs and more than two dozen other Colorado communities. Property owners reach out to us to liquidate their properties that have become worrisome and burdensome. When property owners say, “Sell my house for cash”, our team is available to offer a top-dollar amount, within days. If you are ready to get your life back and regain increased financial freedom, we are here to help!

Our A+ Rating

Through ethical business practices, professionalism, and commitment to hard work, Sell My House To Smith has earned the coveted A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. That ranking recognizes our history of satisfied customers and our continued efforts to maintain transparency. This is important to us, and we know it's important to you!

BBB rating

The Sell-My-House-For-Cash Process – Easy as 1-2-3!

A sell-my-house-for-cash option is a process that is easy and efficient! Our goal is, always, to offer top-dollar amounts that align with our customers' expectations. See how simple the entire process really is – the three basic steps are, as follows:

Fill out the form on our website

Fill out the form on our website

answer only 4 simple questions!

We will reach out to you

We will reach out
to you

to discuss your situation and view the property.

Collect Your Money

We will make a
cash offer

you, then, decide what is in your best interest!

Once a client accepts our cash offer, closing the transaction can take place quickly.  Depending on our clients' schedules, it could be several days, several weeks, or several months.  Sell My House To Smith will work around your schedule!  Most of our Colorado Springs' patrons receive a cash offer, within 24 hours!

Reasons Why Property Owners
Contact Us

Property owners in Colorado Springs contact Sell My House To Smith because they want their lives back! They don't want to have to wait months and months to see that happen. They want to walk away from their property and put money in their pockets as quickly, as possible! The idea is simple and so is the solution.

Sell-my-house-for-cash situations can develop when a property becomes involved in 1) a possible foreclosure 2) a divorce 3) back taxes 4) problem renters or difficult/disruptive neighbors 5) a depressed housing market 6) an unwanted inheritance 7) not being sellable due to mold, termites, flood damage, a crime scene, structural issues, etc –it's called 'life'!

Don't be concerned if you believe your property won't qualify for our services. Be assured that Sell My House To Smith buys homes in any condition, any size, for any legitimate reason, for any price, at any time! At the end of the day, it's all about you being able to sell your house for cash and turning your frustration into increased financial freedom.

Reasons Why Property Owners Contact Us

Hear from These Extremely Satisfied Home Sellers.

Advantages of Partnering With Us

Our patrons benefit in a number of ways when they partner with Sell My House To Smith.  Here are, only, four of them:

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

1. Letting Go of the Home = Letting Go of the Problems

The condition of your house in Colorado Springs may have lost its charm a long time ago due to one or more reasons. It could be severe structural issues, a termite or rodent infestation, serious mold & mildew problems, fire/flood/sewage back-up damage – whatever the reason may be, a sell-my-house-for-cash option could be just what you need at just the right time! The one thing left to say would be: Goodbye house ~ Goodbye problems!

2. Sell-My-House-for-Cash Is Simple & Efficient

Our Colorado patrons are all amazed at how efficiently the entire sell-my-house-for-cash process is. Money can be in one's hands in mere days. Often, this allows families and individuals to take a first step towards a fresh beginning – and what a good feeling that is!

If you are pondering the 'For Sale By Owner' option, there are a few things to know. Attempting to sell one's own home can take many months, but the likelihood of a sale is not in the seller's favor. The National Association of Realtors states that only 10% of FSBO homes actually sell!

Studying the complicated, legal documents with FSBO situations can be time consuming, stressful, and costly if the seller makes even one error. When Sell My House To Smith is on your side, peace-of-mind is on your side, as well – you can move out and move on, within days!

2. The Sell-My-House-Fast Process is Simple & Efficient
3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

Before homes become listed with a Realtor, home owners can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to upgrade, repair or renovate their homes in hopes of maximizing their profit. Additionally, sellers will pay a typical commission to their real-estate agent, usually set at 6% of the sell price of the home. There are other expensive costs, at closing, as well.

With Sell My House To Smith, our Colorado Springs' customers avoid this kind of undue stress. They enjoy no commission to pay, no expensive repairs or renovations, and no extra fees at closing. With Sell My House To Smith, 'quick & easy' is what it's all about!

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Sell My House To Smith collaborates with well-known, local title companies whose professionals assist with each sell-my-house-for-cash transaction. Their expertise ensures every title is thoroughly researched and assessed to generate a seamless seller/buyer experience.

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Contact Us, Today!

Sell My House To Smith is ready to discuss your property situation! You have questions and we have the answers! Are you looking for investment properties? Sell My House To Smith is a phone call away! Contact our team at 719-629-7740, right now! Visit us at for more information.

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