Want to Invest in a Business or Another House and Need the Cash?

Don’t let cash be the reason you lose out on a business deal or miss out on your dream home. Sell with us today and cash out.

Do You Want To Cash For Investing In Business?

Want to Invest in a Business or Another House and Need the Cash?

Don’t let cash be the reason you lose out on a business deal or miss out on your dream home. Sell with us today and cash out.

Selling a house is a personal decision, one that you make after putting many factors into consideration. Several reasons could be behind the sale of a home by its owner. They include among others:

1. Starting a Family

It’s the dream of every individual to settle down with their loved ones someday. There comes a time in a person's life when they start thinking about starting a family of their own. This period is a particularly crucial one as it signifies a point where we make life decisions about starting a family.

One such decision is changing homes. Many bachelors live relatively comfortably in single-room apartments. However, the plan to start a family tends to alter your orientation towards what a suitable family home is and what it's not. You'd want to get a better, more spacious house in a better neighborhood.

You’ll need to sell your current home and search for another befitting of a family.


2. Investing in a Business

You have a million-dollar idea with the potential to generate lots of revenue within a short period. However, you don't have the required start-up capital. None of your friends or relatives can raise you the needed amount, and getting a bank loan or government grant can be stressful and frustrating. You're at a crossroad, wondering what to do.

It suddenly occurs to you that your inherited rental property has quite a bit of equity.  The problem is, you don't know where to start.  That's where we at Sell My House to Smith can help.  We will buy your home, get you get cash at closing, and invest the proceeds from the sale in your business idea. Now you're sitting pretty with you rental property sold and your new business up and running.

3. Buying a New Home

While walking your dog around the neighborhood one calm evening, you came across a beautiful three-bedroom duplex on an excellent piece of land with a "for sale" sign hanging out the porch. On moving closer, you fell in love with it, so you copied the realtor's contact. Deep down, you knew you’d probably be unable to afford the property’s asking price, but you were hopeful anyway.

Fortunately, when you spoke with the realtor about the property, the asking price turned out to be just a few thousand dollars higher than your current house. The excess was an amount you could easily afford. Problem was, to the the best price, you need to be able to close in 30 days.  Great news is, you knew about Sell My House to Smith!  So you gave them a call, got an all cash offer, and closed on the day of your choice.  Selling your home turned out easier than you’d imagined.

At Sell My House to Smith, We Pay in Cash

At Sell My House to Smith, it doesn’t matter why you’re selling your home, we have you covered.  Whether you're selling to start a new family, downsize, or due to job transfer, we have just one goal, to make your selling journey a stress-free one.

We pay all cash so you don't have to worry about whether you home will sell and whether your buyer will actually be able to close.  Our cash offer gives you the peace of mind to make a confident decision to move on with your life.

3 Simple Steps

To Selling Your House

The challenges you face are not unique to us. We understand, which is why we offer a simple, fast solution to your situation without the hard sell.

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule A Consultation

Tell us more about your house and your sale timeline.

Get a Cash Offer

Get a Cash Offer

Receive a competitive offer based on comparable houses.

Collect Your Money

Collect Your Money

Close within days with a cash offer and live stress free.

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