Mooching Relatives Living in Your House without Paying?

Mooching Relatives living in your house without paying?

Mooching Relatives Living in Your House without Paying?

Don't let mooching relatives throw you in bad debt. Sell your home with us today and be rid of them.

Ever opened the front door of your house only to find your cousin or brother-in-law from across the country standing on your porch, telling you they've come to stay with you for 'some time,' without a prior invitation? Yes? No? How did you feel? Were you surprised? Well, being an excellent relative, you probably welcomed them into your home. You told yourself, "it's just for some time, can't harm."

Now it's been eight months, and they're still with you. To make matters worse, another family member joined four months ago. The painful part of it is they've been living in for free, paying no rent, and contributing nothing to the water, electricity, and gas bills. Makes your blood boil sometimes, eh? It's understandable. It can be extremely frustrating trying to tell adults the right things to do and what not to do. But that's what mooching relatives do.

Moochers live off of you and don't bother giving anything in return. People who mooch do so because they take advantage of the good nature of their family. Many people at the receiving end of mooching find it difficult to complain. They live with it and don't express how they really feel. However, there's only so much you can take. One way or another, there comes a time when you've got to say NO.

There are many ways you can say 'no' without getting physical or appearing overly aggressive. One such means is by putting your home up for sale. Yes, you read that right; by selling your home. Once you inform them of your intention to sell your home to another person or entity, they'll have no choice but to pack their bags and find an alternative.

We've even purchased and closed on homes without relatives even knowing.  That way we're the ones knocking on the door telling them we own the house.  You're free and clear without ever having to have that difficult conversation.

Sell My House to Smith to the Rescue

Now, we all know that selling a home isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a complicated process that involves lots of hard work and perseverance. Even during the best time to sell a house, it's still not easy to seal deals. Many home sellers end up in tears due to the rigors they pass through in the course of selling.

While putting your home up for sale during peak buying season is an excellent way to reduce home selling stress, you'll still have to go through the energy-draining process. It's part of the normal home selling process.

As a homeowner looking to swiftly get rid of mooching relatives by putting up the house for sale, you'll be better off selling the house fast and finding another home to resettle. Going through agents and banks can be very stressful and filled with uncertainties.

However, selling to Sell My House to Smith will ensure you don't go through the lengthy process. We make a cash offer, so you can avoid hoping your house sells and they can actually get a loan.  Unlike the long and uncertain process of selling with a realtor, you only have to go through three simple steps if you do business with us.

Another remarkable aspect of our service is that you don't need to do any repairs or renovations before selling to us. We'll buy your property fast and as-is, which is very difficult to do any other options. The challenges you face with other selling options aren't new to us; that's why we offer a simple, fast transaction, where both parties smile heartily at the end of the day.

3 Simple Steps

To Selling Your House

The challenges you face are not unique to us. We understand, which is why we offer a simple, fast solution to your situation without the hard sell.

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule A Consultation

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Get a Cash Offer

Get a Cash Offer

Receive a competitive offer based on comparable houses.

Collect Your Money

Collect Your Money

Close within days with a cash offer and live stress free.

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