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Selling Your Home During the  Coronavirus Pandemic
Are you considering selling your Colorado home during this Cornoavirus pandemic?  After talking with dozens of Colorado home sellers over the past few weeks, many of them are expressing concerns about the Coronavirus and what to do.  They have a high amount of hesitation in wanting to sell their home now because of this uncertainty, thinking they need to wait and see what happens.
We completely understand and genuinely appreciate these concerns, and we let them know they are absolutely right. It is true that none of us know what impact the Coronavirus is going to have on the real estate market. We simply don’t know. 605w,×169.jpg 300w” alt=”Selling a home during Coronavirus” width=”605″ height=”340″ />

Do You Want to Sell Your Colorado Home Now?

One question we ask Colorado home sellers is,  “Are you truly motivated and interested in selling your property 100%?  If their answer is no, we let them know that the best thing to do is wait.  If they are not ready, there’s no reason to rush into selling their home with all the craziness going on in the work.   The fact is before you sell any property, at anytime, you need to be 100% sure of your decision.
However if the answer to whether they are truly motivated to sell their home is yes, we then let them know that we can customize an offer on their house today.  We are able to make an offer to buy their home based on the current market condition is vs the unknown market of the future. This is reinforced in the fact that we have bought several houses the past month, and have been able to provide cash offers that absolutely put our Colorado home sellers in a better place.

The Time to Sell Your Home is Now!

The real question is are you a 100% sure you want to sell your property. If that answer is yes, don’t wait. Set an appointment today!   No one knows what the future of Coronavirus will bring, but I don’t know anyone who’s expecting home prices to go up any time soon.
If  you’d like to hear more about selling a Colorado home during Coronavirus, check out this quick video at

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