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Thank you for paying us a visit to discover how quickly you can sell your Canyon City rental property and walk away, with cash in hand, in very little time! If you own rental property you no longer wish to deal with – even if tenants are occupying the residence – you can still receive 'instant money' through Sell My House To Smith, who can make it happen!

Rental-property owners in Colorado communities including Canyon City, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Manitou Springs and others have breathed sighs of relief with being able to liquidate their rental properties for a variety of reasons – from divorce issues to maintenance costs to back taxes to medical bills – the list could go on and on. The wonderful thing is, our team of real-estate professionals make the process of selling your rental property convenient, efficient, and astonishingly easy!

Regardless of condition, your Canyon City rental property is one we would be interested in viewing, and we offer cash proposals for many of our Canyon City clients, within 24 hours!.  This type of real-estate transaction has been popular for decades, and our experience in this real-estate arena spans more than 25 years!

Our A+ Rating with the BBB

Through ethical business practices, professionalism, and commitment to hard work, Sell My House To Smith remains very proud of it's A+ BBB rating.  That ranking recognizes our history of satisfied customers and our continued efforts to maintain this coveted position.  Ethics is important to us, and we know it's important to you!

BBB rating

We Buy Rental Properties In Three Steps

When we buy Canyon City rental properties, the process is easy and efficient:

Fill out the form on our website

Fill out the form on our website

answer only 4 simple questions!

We will reach out to you

We will reach out
to you

to discuss your situation and view the property.

Collect Your Money

We will make a
cash offer

we may be able to buy your rental property over the phone!

Once a client accepts our cash offer, closing the transaction can take place quickly.  Depending on our clients' schedules, it could be several days, several weeks, or several months.  If we buy your old house in Pueblo, we will work around your schedule!  Most of our Pueblo patrons receive a cash offer, within 24 hours!

Tenants Can Legally Live There – What Can I Do?

Don't be discouraged if your rental property is occupied by tenants – Sell My House To Smith can, still, purchase the property!  Below, you will gain some important insight concerning this type of situation:  

Abiding By the Contract

Know your rental-property contract.  Is there an 'early-termination closure'?.  If it exists, it could be in your favor to have your property become tenant-free, fairly quickly.  The tenant, however, must be given fair notice, as stipulated in the contract.

You can sell your Canyon City rental property to us even if the tenant continues to, legally, live there until the contract deadline.  Once Sell My House To Smith becomes the new landlord, you walk away, free and clear.  For many, this can be a new lease on life!

Bypassing the Contract

If your tenant has failed to pay rent or has violated any of the terms of the rental or lease agreement, you may be able to terminate the contract, prematurely.  Aside from failing to pay rent, damaging the property, becoming a nuisance to neighbors, engaging in illegal activity, violating a no-pet clause, and unauthorized subletting could permit the rental property owner to, legally, negate the contract's terms.   

Viewing While Tenants Present

If you would like our team to view your tenant-occupied rental property in Canyon City, the tenant must be, duly, notified.  Tenants can be present during any time we might view your property, and giving the tenant a 24-hour notice is common practice.  

It never hurts to contact the tenant and request to show the property on shorter notice, but the notice required for entry is, ultimately, governed by the lease.  Showing patience, diplomacy and consideration towards a tenant can go a long way with a tenant choosing to be agreeable and cooperative. 

Reasons Why Property Owners Contact Us

Having Necessary Forms Available

You want to sell your Canyon City rental property as, seamlessly, as possible.  The first step would be to present your tenant with a sale-of-property notice.  These types of forms, and others, are available from where you can edit and auto-fill spaces, with absolute ease!

Offering an Incentive

Money talks, and offering your tenant some type of monetary incentive to vacate early can work wonders.  If getting rid of your Canyon City rental property needs to take place ASAP, try offering cash, up front, and detail the transaction in writing.  The money you might offer should be worth what you would gain by getting your tenant vacated, early. 

Hear from These Extremely Satisfied Home Sellers.

Partnering With Us – The Benefits are Clear!

Here are just a few reasons why partnering with Sell My House To Smith is a prudent choice:

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

1. Letting Go of the Property = Letting Go of the Problems

There could be any number of reasons why Canyon City rental properties need to be liquidated – unreliable renters, a hefty increase in property taxes, on-going maintenance issues, unanticipated life circumstances, and more. Getting rid of a rental property and getting rid of it fast can be emotionally freeing. Goodbye property = Goodbye problems!

2. Our Process Is Simple & Efficient

It's not uncommon to try to sell a rental property through the 'For Sale By Owner' option. However, attempting to sell this way can take a very long time, with the probability of no sale, at all. The National Association of Realtors states that only 10% of FSBO properties actually sell – the odds would not be in your favor.

Our team will finalize the agreement, between both parties, according to your schedule! Many of our clients have a cash offer within 24 hours. Within a very short amount of time, you could walk away from your Canyon City rental property and leave the worries behind!

2. The Sell-My-House-Fast Process is Simple & Efficient
3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

Property owners can spend thousands of dollars on beautification attempts with their soon-to-be-listed real-estate. The average 6% commission for an agent and outlandish closing costs run into thousands of dollars, more. With Sell My House To Smith, Canyon City rental-property owners are free from those demands –no commission, no expensive repair/renovation costs, no closing fees, no prolonged waiting – just a quick solution and quick cash!

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Sell My House To Smith works closely with local, reputable title companies. These professionals ensure every detail of every title is exhaustively evaluated and assessed to ensure a positive buyer/seller experience.

4. We Partner with Local Professionals
Cash for your house

5. We Offer Expertise and Reputability

Sell My House To Smith has been conducting real-estate proceedings for more than 25 years.  During this time, our team has generated more than $20 million in completed transactions.  Canyon City rental property owners trust our experience and transparency.  

Our ethics and expertise have earned more 5-star Google, Facebook, and BBB testimonials than the next three home-buying companies, combined.  Also, we are very proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  That coveted ranking reflects our continued commitment to a standard of excellence we will, always, uphold! 

Contact Us, Today!

Sell My House To Smith is ready to discuss your rental property situation.  We have the experience to assist you with situations that involve tenants! 

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