Six Reasons Why Your Pueblo House Isn’t Selling

They say that the first 30 days in the market is the time where you’ll get the most activity when you sell your house. Unfortunately, a lot of people go past the thirty day mark without getting so much as an offer, and if this is happening to you, you might already start getting worried and wonder why your Pueblo house isn’t selling yet.

While that’s bad news (of course, anybody wants their house to sell fast), I have some good news for you.

One: you’re not alone.

Two: there are things that you can do to sell your house fast.

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance that you’ve acknowledged the problem that your house isn’t selling fast enough.

If anything, knowing that you have a problem to deal with is already a step towards finding a solution. And since you’re here anyway, allow me to present several reasons why your house isn’t selling fast enough, and what you can do to speed up the process.

Six reasons why your Colorado house isn’t selling fast enough

1. Your Price Might Be Too High

Ah, overconfidence. This problem is caused by a classic move among many homeowners, especially those who live in a seller’s market such as Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo. Classic supply and demand conditions maintain that it’s easy to up the price whenever supply is low. The truth is that –  you can, by all means.

However – this does not mean that you should get too comfortable in pushing the asking price a bit higher, especially when the price you list is no longer realistic.

Remember, today’s buyers are very educated and they do their research. So if your Pueblo home is listed higher than its actual market value, they may think you aren’t really serious in selling, and you may miss out on prospective buyers.

What you can do: Like I mentioned in my last post, pricing your house right is still one of the most important aspects in selling your home. So take time to reassess your current listing price. Better yet, sit down with your agent and work together to price it right. Professional agents use data from current  Colorado market trends and make solid comparisons with other similar homes to help you arrive at a reasonable price.

2. Your Pueblo Home Needs Some Repairs

Anyone looking to buy a home would want to be able to move in as soon as they can, without having to worry about making repairs. If you’re expecting potential buyers to pay full price, then you also need to make sure that the house is in the right condition. Even if you decide to lower your asking price to make up for the need for repairs, people aren’t too keen on buying something if they have to do a lot of work.

What you can do: If this is a reason why your house isn’t selling, then you should start making repairs as soon as you can. Since this can be overwhelming, it is best to start with the bigger and costlier repairs first and deal with smaller ones later on. The more big items you cross out from your list, the better. Then, make sure you mention these repairs and updates in your listing.

3. Your Pueblo house has too many personal touches

Whether it’s that vast collection of Beanie Babies, or family photos in every nook and cranny – personal touches may put off potential buyers. When someone looks around your house, they want to be able to see themselves living in it. This may not be possible if you have too many personal things at home

Six Reasons Why Your Pueblo House Isn’t Selling

What you can do: Depersonalize. Try to make your house as “move-in ready” as possible by keeping things neutral. If you’re thinking of renovating, consider painting the walls with neutral tones. Take out all clutter and extra furniture and keep things as “normal” as possible. The key is to detach yourself from the house without making it appear empty.

4. Your photos don’t do justice to your home

Most people who will be inspecting your home often found your listing online. Thus, you should ensure that you’ve have an awesome online listing, particularly photos you post of your home. Make sure you show off your Pueblo house’s best assets by taking great photos.

What you can do: Take good photos, and highlight the most important rooms.

5. Your House Smells Bad

There is nothing more off-putting to a potential Colorado buyer than a house that smells odd. Unfortunately, this may be a leading cause as to why your house isn’t selling. This is a common issue among many because we often become too immune to the smell of our homes that we end up overlooking this very important aspect. This smell can be because of pets or mold and mildew buildup.

What you can do: Get a friend or a Pueblo real estate agent to give you an honest assessment of how your house smells. Sometimes the case isn’t really so bad, and all you may need to do is light up a scented candle. Some issues can be persistent, so it’s important to get to the root cause and take care of it. This may mean having carpets cleaned, keeping your pets away from viewings or having a professional address mold buildup.

6. You didn’t work with a Pueblo realtor

Sure, you want to get the best deal for your house, so paying out a certain percentage for commission might not seem like an appealing idea. And besides, you can upload the listing by yourself and answer all inquiries, right?

Six Reasons Why Your Pueblo House Isn’t Selling

This may seem like a good idea, considering the amount of money you can save. However, it might also backfire and be the main cause as to why your house isn’t selling. You can do as much research, but Colorado realtors have one thing you don’t – the experience.

If you’re having issues now, a good realtor will help you determine reasons why your house isn’t selling, and from there help you make the right adjustments. Likewise, they can also help you hold open houses, give you tips on staging your home and how you can present it through an engaging listing.

What you can do: Work with an Pueblo, Colorado realtor. The 6% commission may seem steep, but will definitely be a lot lower than regularly having to bring down your asking price because you can’t get the right people to take interest in your listing.

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