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Welcome to 'Sell My House To Smith'! You have searched for a company who will pay cash to buy old houses in Manitou Springs, and you found us – that's the first piece of good news. The second piece of good news is that we are the best-known cash-for-homes agency in this area! Whether it's Manitou Springs or other Colorado communities, property owners can sell their houses fast because we buy their houses, fast! And the process is so easy!

Houses that have become more of a headache than an investment can generate a lot of grief and anxiety – emotionally and financially. Fortunately, our Manitou Springs customers can resolve that problem within days! Instant cash for homes is a popular option for real-estate transactions across the country, and has been for many years. It's about increased financial freedom without having to wait months to achieve it.

The COVID-19 epidemic presents new challenges for Manitou Springs residents wishing to sell their homes. With Sell My House to Smith, we will take all the necessary safety precautions without compromising your time-frame to sell your home. In fact, we can buy your home over the phone!

The BBB – We Earned Their Highest Ranking!

At Sell My House To Smith, we are very proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That top-tier ranking reflects the BBB's confidence in our standards of excellence and our business's history of customer satisfaction. Maintaining our A+ status remains a top priority for our team – it's important to us and we know it's important to you!

BBB rating

The Buy-Old-Houses Process Is Super Easy!

We know your time is valuable. We will make sure we deliver the best results as expeditiously, as possible. Three basic steps is all it takes:

Fill out the form on our website

Fill out the form on our website

answer only 4 simple questions!

We will reach out to you

We will reach out
to you

to discuss your situation and view the property.

Collect Your Money

We will make a
cash offer

as mentioned, we can buy your old house over the phone!

Once a client accepts our cash offer, closing the transaction can take place quickly. Depending on our clients' schedules, it could be several days, several weeks, or several months. Sell My House To Smith will work around your schedule! After it's all said and done, most of our Manitou Springs' patrons receive a cash offer, within 24 hours!

Why Do People Want Us to Buy Their Old Houses?

There are any number of reasons why property owners in Manitou Springs choose to liquidate their houses. The reasons can include properties involved in 1) possible foreclosure 2) a divorce 3) back taxes 4) problem renters or difficult/disruptive neighbors 5) a depressed market 6) an unwanted inheritance 7) not being sellable due to mold, termites, flood damage, a crime scene, structural issues, etc – the list goes on and on.

And don't worry – regardless of what your property looks like or regardless of what your property has been through – we'll sit down with you with a cash solution! We buy houses in any condition, any size, for any legitimate reason, for any price, at any time!

Reasons Why Property Owners Contact Us

Hear from These Extremely Satisfied Home Sellers.

Partnering With Us Is a Win-Win

When homeowners in Manitou Springs partner with Sell My House To Smith, the benefits of that team effort become a win-win situation. Here are four benefits that truly matter:

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

1. Letting Go of the Home = Letting Go of the Problems

Owning a damaged home is no fun, and finding the money to repair those damages could be an effort in futility. It doesn't matter if a house is damaged due to neglect, vandalism, backed-up sewage, flooding, termites, mold or fire. Your home may be, technically, unmarketable, but Sell My House To Smith can be the perfect solution to start anew! Goodbye house = Goodbye problems!

2. The Buy-Old-Houses Process is Simple & Efficient

If you are anxious to liquidate your property, you might be considering the 'For Sale By Owner' option. Attempting to sell a home in this manner can take many months – if one is lucky. In fact, the likelihood of a sale materializing, is minimal. The National Association of Realtors states that only 10% of FSBO homes ever sell.

Then, there is the added FSBO issue that involves the preparation of complicated legal documents. Studying them to understand them is time consuming and stressful. Additionally, if the seller were to make an error, legal issues can become a huge problem. When Sell My House To Smith is on your side, peace-of-mind is on your side, too! Selling your house fast can mean you are able move out and move on, within days!

2. The Sell-My-House-Fast Process is Simple & Efficient
3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

Home owners who intend to put their homes on the market are subjected to deadlines and pressures to beautify their home, and thousands of dollars can be spent on renovations, in hopes of getting top dollar.

The truth is, many home improvements have a low Return On Investment, and renovations will, certainly, not guarantee a homeowners' asking price. And what if the inspection were to reveal costly, hidden issues? Also, there is the average 6% commission for real-estate agents/Realtors as well as other closing costs associated with traditional home-selling transactions.

With Sell My House To Smith, Manitou Springs' property owners can bypass all that hype. Through our team, there are no commissions and no expensive repairs or renovations to worry about. If you want to sell your house fast, we're here to make it happen!

4. We Offer Expertise & Partner with Local Professionals

Sell My House To Smith collaborates with locally-established title companies in the Manitou Springs area. These professionals perform exhaustive title searches for our clients to ensure that when you say, “Buy my old house!”, it can be done thoroughly and expeditiously.

Sell My House to Smith has more than 25 years in the real-estate arena. During that time, we have generated more than $20 million worth of completed transactions. Our ethical business practices are responsible for more 5-Star Google, Facebook, and BBB testimonials than the next three home-buying companies, combined – we plan to keep the momentum going!

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Contact Us, Today!

Sell My House To Smith is ready to discuss your property situation – you have questions and we have the answers! Also, if you are looking for investment properties, we are just a phone call away.

Our Manitou Springs customers can reach out to our team in various ways: Contact our team at 719-629-7740, right now! Visit us at www.sellmyhousetosmith.com for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube.

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