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Hello – if you have been searching for a cash-for-homes agency, your search just came to an end!  We are 'Sell My House To Smith', and we offer top-dollar for old houses of all types in Woodland Springs and other Colorado communities.  Whether you are going through a life challenge or need a financial boost in a short amount of time, you can turn your old house in Woodland Springs into a new venture by receiving cold cash, in mere days.

Being a property owner can be a wonderful thing, but when the property offers nothing but issues – emotionally and/or financially – letting go of it can be a relief.  We work with individuals and families who wish to have money in hand in a very short amount of time, and move on with a fresh start!

The concept of quickly selling houses and rental properties, for instant cash, is nothing new.  In fact, buying houses and other properties in this manner has been a very popular real-estate option for decades.  The nice thing is, property owners don't have to, necessarily, wait weeks or months to finalize the sell/buy transaction.  In fact, most of our Colorado patrons receive a cash offer within days, with the closing right around the corner!

Ranking High with the BBB!

The integrity of Sell My House to Smith is well known in Woodland Springs, and beyond.  Being highly recognized in Woodland Springs is one thing, but achieving the Better Business Bureau's A+ rating is the feather in our cap!.  We take great pride in having earned this high-caliber honor.  It reflects our efforts to promote professionalism and transparency.  This is how we do business – it's critical for our continued success as well as being valued and appreciated by our Woodland Springs patrons!

BBB rating

We Buy Old Houses – Could It Be Any Easier?

we buy houses, the process is easy and efficient!  Three basic steps is all it takes:

Fill out the form on our website

Fill out the form on our website

answer only 4 simple questions!

We will reach out to you

We will reach out
to you

to discuss your situation and view the property.

Collect Your Money

We will make a
cash offer

we can, even, buy your Woodland Springs house over the phone!

Closing the transaction can take place quickly, depending on our clients' schedules.  They let us know what works for them – whether several days, several weeks, or several months.  Sell My House To Smith will work around your schedule!  The bottom line is:  many of our Woodland Springs' customers receive cash offers, within 24 hours!

Why Woodland Springs Clients
Seek Us

Once a cash offer is accepted, our customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their problematic property is about to become a distant memory.  Our Woodland Springs customers seek us to liquidate property in order to address 1) a possible foreclosure 2) a divorce 3) back taxes 4) problem renters or difficult/disruptive neighbors 5) a depressed market 6) an unwanted inheritance 7) the property not being sellable due to mold, termites, flood damage, a crime scene, structural issues, etc – the list could be a long one!

Never assume the condition of your property is so bad it would be beyond our interest.  Sell My House To Smith buys residences in any condition, any size, for any legitimate reason, for any price, at any time!  The bottom line remains:  When we buy your old house, you can reach that light at the end of the tunnel, and you can reach it in a short amount of time!

Reasons Why Property Owners Contact Us

Hear from These Extremely Satisfied Home Sellers.

The Advantages of Partnering With Us

Here are four main reasons why partnering with Sell My House to Smith is a wise move:

1. Letting Go of the House = Letting Go of the Problems

1. Letting Go of the Home = Letting Go of the Problems

There could be any number of reasons why a house is no longer considered 'home sweet home'.  There could be damage from backed-up sewage, mold issues, a rodent invasion or dealing with scary neighbors – whatever the case may be, getting rid of a property and getting rid of it fast can be emotionally freeing.  Goodbye house = Goodbye problems!

2. When We Buy Houses, It's Simple & Efficient

It's not uncommon to attempt to sell a house through the 'For Sale By Owner' option.  The reality is, attempting to sell a house this way can take a very long time, with the probability of no sale, at all.  The National Association of Realtors states that only 10% of FSBO homes actually sell.

With the FSBO option, complicated legal documents can be very difficult to understand and can create legal jeopardy on behalf of the seller if, even, one error is made.  When Sell My House To Smith is on your side, peace-of-mind is on your side, as well.  You can move out and move on, within days!

2. The Sell-My-House-Fast Process is Simple & Efficient
3. $aved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

3. Saved $$ Stays In One's Pocket

Home owners can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on beautification attempts with their soon-to-be-listed homes. They want the highest market price, but many home improvements generate a low Return On Investment. Also, renovations will not guarantee sellers will receive top dollar.

The average 6% commission for a real-estate agent/Realtor is an additional loss for sellers. One must add that to other closing costs sellers must deal with in traditional transactions where other fees can tally up to 4% of the sale.

With Sell My House To Smith, Woodland Springs property owners are free from those demands – there is no commission to pay – no expensive repairs or renovations – just a quick solution and quick cash!

4. We Offer Expertise & Partner with Local Professionals

Sell My House To Smith works closely with local, reputable title companies whose professionals partner with us when we buy houses throughout Colorado. They ensure every detail of every title is exhaustively evaluated and assessed to ensure a positive buyer/seller experience.

Sell My House to Smith has been conducting real-estate transactions for more than 25 years. During this time, our team has generated more than $20 million in completed transactions – and that's a lot of happy customers! Our ethics and expertise have earned more 5-star Google, Facebook, and BBB testimonials than the next three home-buying companies, combined – we have our patrons to thank for that!

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, selling a home presents a new set of challenges – especially with many people remaining unemployed. When will the housing market return to normal? – no one can predict. Our house-buying option could be a perfect fit for your situation, during this time.

4. We Partner with Local Professionals

Contact Us, Today!

Sell My House To Smith is ready to discuss your property situation! You have questions and we have the answers. We can, also, help if you are looking for investment properties. Residents of Woodland Springs can reach out to our team in various ways: Contact our team at 719-629-7740, right now! Visit us at www.sellmyhousetosmith.com for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube.

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