Weird Ways to Sell Your House

In an ideal world, selling your Colorado home would simply mean getting in touch with a real estate agent, letting them do the work and closing the deal within a few month’s time. In reality, this is rarely the case. Many houses sit on the market for months – or years at that! This has resulted in homeowners becoming more and more creative to increases their chances of selling their homes. Some tactics are too creative, in fact, that they border on being weird. Ready to try something else? Then here are five weird ways to sell your house –  or at least, ways you probably haven’t thought about just yet.
Weird Ways to Sell Your House

Here are some weird ways to sell your house…

(1) Sell it on Ebay

Auctions have been a common option for hard to sell houses in Colorado, but in this day and age, homeowners are taking it a step further and going digital. In fact, there are thousands of home listings on eBay every month! It’s very easy to do, and you can set your starting bid to make sure you don’t receive anything lower than you would sell for. It can also be another avenue to advertise your home even while working with a traditional agent.

(2) Work with your competitors

In a slow or weak market, competition is generally rife. But even then, one of the many weird ways to sell your Colorado house would be to actually work with your competition. If you live in a neighborhood with several houses on sale, you can ask your agent to try to work with other agents and organize an open house on the same schedule. This can be a convenient setup for many house hunters and brings in more prospective buyers to your open house, bringing in more people.

(3) Swap it

This approach is something typically done by people who build and sell, by allowing buyers to part exchange their existing properties for brand new ones. This approach, however, has also been recently used by many homeowners who are struggling to sell, or investors who need to capitalize on a home they have recently improved. This weird selling option may not work for everyone, and can make the selling process harder. As swaps often go, you have to find a right match: you need that someone to want your home and you should also want theirs in return.

(4) Rent before buying

This is another idea that has been used by many property developers, where they give potential home buyers the chance to rent the property first for a given period of time. If they like the property, they can buy it, often subtracting the rent from the selling price. If the renter decides that they don’t want to buy the house – then they are in no obligation to pursue the sale.

This can be an advantageous scenario, since buyers have a financial incentive to buy. On the flip side however, is the possibility that they do not purchase, risking tying up your property for months with a renter.

(5) Offer A Sweet Freebie

You’ve probably heard about that seller who offered a Ferrari along with his house; and while you may not have that, you might have something to offer. Airline miles from credit card, a new bedroom or living room set or gift cards may be helpful too. You can hand out gift passes to the spa – after all, moving can be very stressful! Never underestimate the power of free stuff and how it can serve as a determining factor, especially for buyers who haven’t fully decided yet.

What about you: have you been selling your house for some time? Have you tried or considered some unusual or weird ways to sell your house? Share them here!  If you’re looking for a not weird way to sell your Colorado house, take the easy route and get a free cash offer from Sell My House to Smith.

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